• Helix Books & Awards and Inkbound Publishing Studio has a strictly NO REFUNDS Policy.
  • Participants are solely responsible for all payments made for selected Book Title/s and/or Pre-Ordered Book/s purchased.
  • Participants are expected to carefully go through the Terms and Conditions and understand clearly all agreements and permissions granted to Helix Books & Awards / Inkbound Publishing Studio.
  • Participants and general users are expected to ensure that children or other unauthorized family members or friends do not access their credit cards or their account at the payment site to ensure that no one pays for a purchase without their express permission.
  • Participants cannot request a refund for other promotional services offered as a part of the Program, either directly or through our marketing partners – as these services are offered as complimentary add-ons to ensure inclusivity.
  • Participants cannot request a discount, a credit or refund to benefit from current or past offers or discounts after making any payments.
  • Helix Books & Awards and Inkbound Publishing Studio wishes to explicitly state that Participants cannot request a refund, even if their Project/s are not selected for publishing in the Book/s or chosen for an Award.
  • A participant is strictly prohibited from requesting refunds directly from the payment processor (such as the bank, credit card company, online payment gateway, online payment service provider, payments processors, e-banking etc). In case of accidental duplicate payments, please send an email to and wait for 5-7 business days for processing of the complaint. Each case will be assessed and decision taken independent of other situations. The decision taken by Helix Books & Awards and Inkbound Publishing Studio will be final and binding on the participants.


Helix Books Awards 2022-23
Participation in Helix Books & Awards –
RISE Series 2022-23 is open only for Indian
designers practicing out of India.


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