The Form and Function balance is critical to all good design. However, all Projects submitted for Helix Books & Awards will also be assessed on a string of cultural, social and aesthetic factors; which impact individual lifestyles as well as global concerns.


To the environment, to our planet, to the client, to the society, to the less privileged. Opting for more responsible options, without compromising on aesthetics; balancing client’s brief and budget; using locally procured materials and labour; supporting local crafts.


In design and décor ideas; in the adaptation of materials; in the implementation of the client’s brief and needs. Crafting beautiful forms - spaces and products - with strong focus on function.


Of all materials and processes. Use of eco-conscious, biodegradable materials; implementation of energy-saving ideas and mechanisms; using alternative energy sources; minimizing carbon footprint


Of new materials, ideas, elements, features. Honesty of effort to explore while being responsible, innovative and using sustainable products and processes wins brownie points.

SCORING SYSTEM: Points out of 10

Each of the Judging Criteria will be marked on a 10-point scale. Each juror’s marking will be digitally tallied; to get the final results.

All projects will be viewed and judged virtually and anonymously to ensure unbiased and fair judging.


Helix Books Awards 2022-23
Participation in Helix Books & Awards –
RISE Series 2022-23 is open only for Indian
designers practicing out of India.


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