Here’s a list of commonly asked Questions with their Answers! This will facilitate your participation - help you understand our concept and our rules! If you need more information, please email your queries to: support@helixawards.com


How can I be sure you have received my entry?

After you SUBMIT an Entry, you will see a Pop-Up Notification and you will also receive an email confirming successful submission of your entry. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, please email:  support@helixawards.com

How can I change my entry?

Use your Username and Password to Login; then go to My Pending Entries. You have to upload maximum 30 photos per project.

To change a photo you have uploaded, first delete the existing one, then add a new one. Do not forget to ‘save’ and ‘update’ any changes you may make.

An entry once submitted cannot be edited; it can only be viewed.

Do you have to be based in India to participate?

The RISE Series of Helix Books & Awards program is restricted to design professionals, based in India only. The project location may be anywhere in the world.

When do I need to pay the fees?

You will need to pay the Registration & Processing Fees at the beginning. The Registration Fee is charged as a one-time fee; while Processing Fee is charged individually, per Proposed Book Title.

As we are verifying your payment information, this process may take a minute. Please wait. Clicking the button more than once may result in double billing. If you click the “process my entry” button multiple times and are double billed as a result, email a copy of your confirmation receipt to support@helixawards.com

Can I withdraw my entry? Will I get a refund?

Once the system accepts your entry and/or payment, the entry cannot be withdrawn and no refunds will be given.


Which category should I enter?

Helix Books & Awards is a two-level competition; all entries are first scanned and graded for selection in the relevant Proposed Book Titles. And projects accepted in the Books are pitted against each other for three simplified Award Categories! So, participants are advised to choose to submit Projects that best displays their creativity. Inkbound reserves the right to move entries to other categories if it is clearly appropriate to do so.

Can I submit Projects in more than one Proposed Book Title / Category?

Yes, you can enter up to 6 projects in each Proposed Book Title; as you deem appropriate. Each entry in each Book Title will be evaluated on individual merit.

At what stage in the submission process do I have to choose my project type / category within the Book title?

You will be given the option to select your project type/category at the very last step in the Submission process. As indicated, each Book has three Categories. These will appear in a dropdown; so please ensure you select the right category.


How do you pick the judges for your competitions?

Judges are chosen based on their credibility and experience; they are well-known architects, artists, authors, editors and academicians.

Can you explain how the entries are judged?

Please see the judging criteria. RISE Series of Helix Books & Awards are founded to acknowledge celebrate your creative DNA – and that is the main premise for the jury members to take their decisions!


Helix Books Awards 2022-23
Participation in Helix Books & Awards –
RISE Series 2022-23 is open only for Indian
designers practicing out of India.


Mail your queries to support@helixawards.com
For technical queries contact:
+91 9820002768

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